Dr. Andrew Abraham, the founder of Orgain, is a cancer survivor and practicing physician that has dedicated his life to improving the health and well-being of others.

Dr. Abraham spent years searching for a healthy, nutritious drink made with only high quality organic ingredients only to come up disappointed.

No drinks on the market were even close to what he had in mind, so Dr. Abraham channeled his energy and expertise into creating a drink with one simple goal in mind - "To create the healthiest drink in the world..."

"I created Orgain with the intention of developing a drink that would far surpass any product on the market. The truth is, a majority of drinks offered today are filled with sugar, corn syrup, and very low quality non-organic ingredients in order to keep costs low and profits high."

After being diagnosed with cancer, I learned first hand the importance of organic, wholesome nutrition and the vital role it plays in supporting the body in times of stress. Not only did I want a drink that would support those fighting an illness, but I wanted a convenient, delicious, organic drink for people like myself as a post-workout shake or a healthy meal on the run. I spent years formulating and re-formulating a drink that finally met my very strict standards. It had to be low in sugar, high in organic protein, have complex carbs, fruits, veggies, omega-3's, fiber, immune boosters and be in a ready to drink, delicious package free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorings. I wanted a drink that people would actually feel a difference in their health with. After exhaustive work and research, I finally developed the perfect formulation that would later become Orgain.

I invite you to gain health. gain energy. gain life.

Orgain is dedicated to doing more for the world. A portion of the net proceeds of Orgain will be given to those dealing with cancer who cannot afford adequate medical and nutritional care. Orgain will work across the globe to financially and nutritionally support families and children suffering from cancer - because no one should fight this battle alone.

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